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Archive: Apr 2016

San Diego Beer & Wine Tours Wishes You a Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day used to be the province of hippies and environmental activists, born out of the movements of the 1970s.  Over time, people began to realize that the world needed to focus on the environment after all. In other words, the once-marginalized treehuggers actually were onto something! We’re proud to have carried on that tradition.  We think…

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April 22, 2016

Happy National Beer Day from the Bottoms of Our Cups to Yours!

Happy National Beer Day! While you could argue that really, any day is National Beer Day (who wouldn’t want an excuse to tip back one or two?) there’s actually a really good reason that it’s today, on April 7th.  That reason stretches back into the last century, all the way back to Prohibition. A little history is…

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April 7, 2016

San Diego Beer and Wine Tours’ Big Announcement!

Hi, everybody! You know that we’ve spent a long time trying to give our customers and clients the best experience possible when we’re out on our beer, wine, and food tasting tours.  We have been working hard for years now to figure out what everybody needs. After meeting with focus groups, tech support teams, and…

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April 1, 2016