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Dads love our winery tours. Celebrate Father's Day with us!

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Archive: Sep 2011

Irish Whisky Lemonade

Food and Vine Health Recipes

Being born and raised in Ireland makes me quite the expert in Irish Whisky, ha! Here’s a tasty and healthy lemonade (Shira Bliss Style) that’ll set you up right during this cold/flu season. Simmer astragalus, licorice and ginger root for 20 mins in purified water. When it cools add lots of raw honey and fresh…

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Drinking in the Dark

Food and Vine Happy Hour Holiday Local Business Theme Tours Tours Travel Walking Tours Wine Wine Train Winemaking Winemaking Wineries

Our lovely Coaster Train Wine Tour today started off beautifully in a scenic north San Diego Village. We ate more than enough at our partner fine-dining Italian restaurant and learned all about wine tasting and the process of evaluating wine. Once full of delicious Italian fare, we strolled over to our first urban Winery and…

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Inspiring Stories-Just add Beer

Beer Breweries Food and Vine

I’m always looking to find a common thread on the secret to a long, healthy life. Well, I found it: DRINK BEER! This story was published a few years back. Yet, it still holds true. Do what you love to do and the youthful health will follow. Working plumber Buster Martin is training for the…

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