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Inspiring Stories-Just add Beer

I’m always looking to find a common thread on the secret to a long, healthy life. Well, I found it: DRINK BEER!

This story was published a few years back. Yet, it still holds true. Do what you love to do and the youthful health will follow.

Working plumber Buster Martin is training for the London marathon. That is simply amazing — 101 years old and training for something that most of us would not even consider doing. He is the current record holder for the world’s oldest 5k, 10k and half marathon.

Mr Martin, who has 17 children, started work at Pimlico Plumbers in London three years ago because he was bored.

He drank a tankard of ale before signing autographs and chatting to fans near the finish line of the Essex race.

Age is no more an obstacle to Martin’s running than that strip of winners tape at the finish line. “You are never too old to do what you enjoy.”

And Martin likes running, “but not as much as I like my beer,” he added.

He “likes to live life to the full. … He is as sharp as a razor,” Mullins said. He told ABC that Martin’s got “unbelievable hearing.

To celebrate Martin’s birthday, his work colleagues named a beer after him called Buster’s Beer.