Make your own fireworks this summer on our tours!

Explore San Diego's Exquisite Wine Country

San Diego has some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. Indulge in a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience on our Chauffeured Winery Tour.

All Aboard the Incredibly Popular Winery Train Tour

See the coast on this fabulous winery train tour. Perfect for singles, couples or groups.

Enjoy a "Trolley" Good Time on the Beer Train Trolley Tour

Don’t miss out on this very unique way to taste amazing local craft beers and see different parts of San Diego.

Spirits Are High On the Chauffeured Distillery Tour

Explore "Small-Batch Distillers" and taste San Diego’s finest spirits on this premier tour. Enjoy an expert guided tour of the local distilleries.

Local Libations & Culinary Creations

San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours invites you to savor fine wines, local beers and hand crafted spirits, paired with mouth-watering food, while expert guides entertain you on a relaxing chauffeured tour, exciting train tour, or delightful walking tour.

ALL TOURS INCLUDE: Ample Tastes, Farm-to-table Food, Tasting Presentations, Guided Sightseeing, and Cultural Tours. Book your Tasty Adventure today. 

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