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Chauffeured Winery Tour

Sun & Sip Through the Vineyards

Quick Details

Person Guests drinking alcohol must be 21+ | Guests 18-20 are permitted on tours

Indulge in an array of wine tastings and delicious food on this all-inclusive winery tour in San Diego!

Think that Napa was the first place to produce wines in California? Think again! San Diego County is actually where wineries and viticulture (the science, production, and study of grapes) began in the Golden State! Join San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours on this exciting journey into the past and present of SD area wineries!

Let us do the driving and you do the drinking! On this approximately 6-hour adventure we will be going off the beaten path to experience local, family-run wineries with a knowledgeable and passionate guide to steer you in the right direction. You’ll learn about the history of the wineries and about San Diego’s role in creating a booming California wine culture.

Join us on this tasty adventure and increase your knowledge of locally grown grapes and wines while tasting the best vino that San Diego has to offer.

On Tuesdays the itinerary slightly varies. We will visit 2 vineyards and 1 urban winery. At the first stop you’ll enjoy cheese pairings with your wine tastings and at the second stop a gourmet luncheon including dessert!

What Is Not Included?

  • Gratuities for your tour guide, although not required, are always appreciated. Industry standard is 20% of your tour ticket price which comes to about $30 per person.

Offerings and vehicles on tours may vary.