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Archive: Nov 2011

Beer Floats

Next time you’re out sipping a beer, try out this fun twist on an old classic. We loved rootbeer floats as kids, and now as adults we can enjoy Beer Floats! A healthy scoop of french vanilla ice cream into your dark roasted Stout or Porter will turn a regular glass of beer into a…

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November 28, 2011

Life’s Surprises

The November 1 tour was one of those magical experiences for me as a tour guide and I am quite sure that my sentiments were reciprocal among everyone in the group. As soon as I met each couple on the Train platform that glorious, sunny afternoon, it already seemed as if we were all friends. And we hadn’t even begun tasting yet! Among the three couples—Deb and Dennis from Iowa; Krista and Jim from Hermosa Beach; and, Gerry and Leona from Calgary, Alberta, Canada—there were two birthdays to celebrate. Krista did not reveal to Jim where she was taking him this, his, special day and Leona was celebrating one of those birthdays that end in a “0.” We won’t say which one. She and Gerry had received the LJWT Train Tour as a gift from their children, whom, Leona tells,…

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November 7, 2011

A Spookily Fun Halloween Train Tour!

Happy Halloween! I’m sure our 9 guests had no idea what they were getting themselves into when a “Witch” met them at the train station shouting “La Jolla Wine Tours!” Instead of running away in fright, our guests were brave and approached their very strange looking tour guide. Fortunately they did, because what a fun…

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November 2, 2011