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A Spookily Fun Halloween Train Tour!

Happy Halloween! I’m sure our 9 guests had no idea what they were getting themselves into when a “Witch” met them at the train station shouting “La Jolla Wine Tours!” Instead of running away in fright, our guests were brave and approached their very strange looking tour guide.

Fortunately they did, because what a fun day we shared together! We started off with a delicious lunch where our gracious host won us over with Italian wine and decadent raviolis.

Our guests gathered around lunch in Carlsbad Village

Our guests gathered around lunch in Carlsbad Village

Our guests gathering around lunch at our first stop.


A Witchy Wine Tour Guide!

After lunch we enjoyed the breeze and a short, delightful walk to our first urban winery tasting stop. Low and behold, our guests were greeted by a SECOND witch on their wine tour! Fortunately, she was a nice witch too and poured our guests ample tastes of delicious wine!


The resident witch at our local winery serving us superb wines!

After our tastings, I showed our guests the inner workings of the winery. They had lots of questions and I had a great time teaching them all about the craft of making wine.

On top of the ample tastings served at our first stop, we shared a bottle of Tempranillo that our guest, Mark, had purchased. Thanks Mark!


Carolee, Valerie, Lorrie, Dot and Carole enjoying Tempranillo on the train. Thanks Mark!

At our next stop, our host, Ryan, served us wonderfully. His passion about wine and winemaking shone through as he actively offered up all sorts of neat tidbits and facts about the wines we enjoyed. He even opened up a special bottle of Malbec for our guests to try, per Mark’s request. Thanks again Mark!

Photo Oct 31, 4 24 06 PM

Our guests Sharon, Mark, Bob and Karen tasting at our third stop.

Once back on the train, our guests opened a delightful bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that they had purchased at our second urban winery.  It was a perfect wine to sip on the train as we enjoyed the coastal sunset along our way.

Our last stop was well spent enjoying chocolates, crackers, wine and trick-or-treaters. It was hard to say goodbye, but all good times have to come to an end, so I said my farewells and walked Mark and his lovely wife, Sharon back to the train so they could return to where they were staying.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful guests who made this Wine & Food Train Tour so memorable!

– Heather, Tour Guide