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Archive: May 2014

Happy Memorial Day from San Diego Beer & Wine Tours!

Memorial Day is a day we honor all our military women and men. Originally, it was called Decoration Day, where you would visit graves of loved ones who had been killed in action, strewing flowers over their tombstones. Over time, though, it became a way to celebrate anyone who served in the armed forces, alive or dead. Today, Memorial Day is not only a way to give thanks to our loved ones who serve in the military, but it also marks the unofficial start of summer. “May Gray” might be here, but in San Diego's temperate climate, that's no excuse not to fire up the barbecue and have a beer with your family and friends. Just make sure it's craft beer, because you don't want to deprive anybody of the best brews in the world. As a matter of fact, some breweries…

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May 25, 2014