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Archive: Jun 2013

Happy Independence Day from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Hey baby, it's nearly the Fourth of July.  We love this time of year! The days are at their longest and warmest and everybody is in a party mood for Independence Day.  We prefer the annual San Diego rite of passage of heading out to the beach, where you can barbecue next to the surf, but really, there's fun to be had just about anywhere! We know that you're probably going to have a cookout, so we won't waste our time recommending food.  You know what to do. What we have done, however, is once again sampled some of San Diego's finest in order to help you best pair your favorite local brews with your meals! We'll start off with an oldie, but a goodie – a classic in the vibrant world of San Diego's beer scene: Karl Strauss's Red…

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June 22, 2013

Congratulations, New Grads, from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Graduation is what's on everybody's mind this time of year, whether it's from middle school or a Ph.D. program. These rites of passages are among the most important to a student, for obvious reasons. It's when their new life begins! If you are a new graduate or love a new graduate, we know ways to help ease the transition from student at university to student of life – sampling the most delicious wine and beer that San Diego has to offer. We help you celebrate on our train tour, roam La Jolla on a beer or wine walking tour, or visit breweries and wineries all over the county in our chauffeured van.   And, by the way. We absolutely love to teach people about the different, wonderful beers and wines San Diego has to offer and introduce them to new…

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June 17, 2013

Happy Father’s Day from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Somebody get this guy a glass of wine!   We at San Diego Beer and Wine Tours love and respect our dads – and yours!  We think that if beer is the mother of civilization, then wine is the father of culture. Its history can be traced at least to 4100 BCE, but wine probably existed far earlier. It has always been around, kind of like your dad.  Speaking of dads, did you know that the Founding Fathers of the United States were oenophiles? Thomas Jefferson had cellar after cellar of wine, and John Adams personally toured Bordeaux.  So, as you can see, fathers and wine (and beer!) all have mutual histories. We want to help you honor your father! That's why we're offering $5 off each ticket on our Fathers Celebration Tours during the month of June. We'll see…

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June 7, 2013