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Archive: Jul 2011

Sulfites and the Sweet Life

“I’m allergic to sulfites in wine.” We often hear that on our tours. According to David Bruce Did you know that your body produces sulfites every day? In fact, every 24 hours your body produces sufficient sulfite to require 100 bottles of wine to be so labeled!!! Sulfite production is a normal by-product of most forms of life. It is not surprising to discover that even yeasts produce sulfites! So… Even though wine makers who make wines that are completely organic (i.e. uses no sulfite at all) still may need to label their wine “Contains Sulfites.” Just keep in mind that most wines contain very little sulfite. It is a non-problem for 99.9% of people. Recently, on our wine and food walking tour of La Jolla, our guests enjoyed magnificent wine tastings and food pairings at La Dolce Vita,…

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July 4, 2011