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Archive: Apr 2012

La Jolla Half Marathon – Beer Runner

Beer Breweries Health Local Business Travel Walking Tours Wine Wine Train Wineries

The La Jolla Half Marathon is this Sunday, and in its honor we're going to tell you a secret. If you're a runner, you probably already know it. If you aren't a runner, this might change your mind. Here it is. After a long run, there are a very few drinks recommended for recovery during…

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Cinco de Mayo Beer & Wine Tours

Beer Breweries bus tours Food and Vine Holiday Local Business San Diego Wine Country Theme Tours Tours Wine Wineries

Happy Cinco de Mayo! May 5th is a holiday that owes a lot to beer. First and foremost, it’s the day that commemorates the long-shot defeat of well-equipped French forces by the far scrappier Mexican soldiers in 1862, and whether beer was involved at the time is anyone’s guess. Cinco de Mayo, a minor holiday…

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Earth Day – We Live it!

Beer Breweries Local Business Tours Walking Tours Wine Wine Train Wineries

Since Earth Day debuted on April 22nd,1970, it’s gone from fringe to mainstream as people all over the world began to realize that responsible stewardship of the earth is a matter of human survival. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. You can celebrate Earth Day with fun and in style. All you need is…

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How to Save Money and Have Fun Too!

Beer Breweries Food and Vine Local Business San Diego Wine Country Tours Travel Wine Wine Train Wineries

Now that you’ve done your taxes, you may be asking yourself: How can I save money and have fun too? According to Travel + Leisure Magazine, San Diego is one of the “greenest” and most eco-conscious cities in the United States, and it’s getting greener than ever: public transportation is on the rise. San Diego’s…

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Pair your Easter Dinner with Local Craft Beers

Beer Breweries Holiday Recipes Tours Walking Tours Wine

Tired of wine? Neither are we. But here’s a different way to enjoy Easter dinner: pairing it with craft beers. Since San Diego is a beer aficionado’s dream, we didn’t need to look too far to find local brews to sample with your food. Here are a few suggestions: Eggs or egg based dishes –…

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The Most Handsome of Fare

Company News Food and Vine Holiday Local Business Recipes Valentine Wine Wineries

“Mr. and Mrs. Bliss, please follow me.” With that, we were welcomed into a palace. Paul Anthony, my partner in love and business, and I had a delightful Valentine’s dinner this year at the Addison Grand Del Mar. I’ve traveled all over the world and eaten many fine meals, but this was hands down the…

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Don’t be an April Fool!

Beer Breweries Food and Vine Health San Diego Wine Country Theme Tours Tours Travel Walking Tours Wine Wine Train Winemaking Winemaking Wineries

Expensive wines aren’t always good wines. Who hasn’t had the experience of being seduced by snappy packaging into paying way too much for a bottle of wine that is, quite frankly, mediocre? The same goes for beer. Even here, in the heart of craft beer country, there are great beers… and then there are duds….

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