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Cinco de Mayo Beer & Wine Tours

Happy Cinco de Mayo! May 5th is a holiday that owes a lot to beer.

First and foremost, it’s the day that commemorates the long-shot defeat of well-equipped French forces by the far scrappier Mexican soldiers in 1862, and whether beer was involved at the time is anyone’s guess. Cinco de Mayo, a minor holiday in Mexico, eventually became a day to celebrate anti-imperialism and multiculturalism in the United States.

But it really took off in the United States in the 1980s when beer companies got involved. That’s when Anheuser-Busch created “Hispanic Marketing” departments and started sponsoring big Cinco de Mayo parties, and Grupo Modelo began exporting Corona, which quickly became a huge sensation in the U.S.

So while the fifth of May isn’t Mexican Independence Day as some believe (that’s September 16th), it has become a big, cerveza-filled celebration in parts of Mexico and much of the United States – especially the parts around the border – thanks to big beer companies and savvy marketing.

We’re not complaining, though. Everybody wins when beer is involved! If you get the chance, forgo the big brands for newer, tasty Mexican microbrews like Guëra from Cervecería Tijuana or Minerva’s Imperial Stout.

For local wines and microbrewery craft beer tours and parties this Cinco de Mayo weekend, San Diego Beer and Wine Tours has got you covered:

We’ll pick you up and take you to the best fiestas in town. And we’ll drop you back in Mexican Old Town, San Diego to party all night! We’ll be running our safe, fun, and sustainable GREEN tours May 1-7, so check out our Winery Bus Tours, Beer Train Tours and Winery Train Tours for an over-the-top Cinco de Mayo Weekend Celebration!


And if getting a driver and party tour guide while you drink isn’t enough, we’re going to sweeten the deal: Buy cinco (5) Brewery or Winery Tour Tickets, and get a sixth one FREE* (*Good through May 7th, 2012, mention “Cinco5”)

Brooke B., Cerveza Specialist