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Archive: Jun 2015

Happy Fourth of July from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Oh, hey! It’s nearly July 4th already?  How did this happen so fast?  It feels like just yesterday that we were waiting up to see in the new year, and here it is Independence Day. We love the Fourth of July.  It’s nice and warm, the day is long and punctuated by food and cold drinks, and at the end of it we get fireworks!  Usually, we put up a guide to pairing wines and beers with your barbecue foods, but this time, we’ve scoured the web to find ways for you to work your favorite drinks into your favorite summer recipes. If you’re grilling beef, accompany it with a porter or stout reduction sauce to simultaneously tenderize it and bring out the smoky tanginess of the beer.  Reductions are super easy and really delicious – all it means is…

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June 30, 2015

San Diego Beer & Wine Tours Loves IPAs!

We officially entered summer in the northern hemisphere this week! So far it’s looking like a wonderfully mild summer – the stuff dreams of people who aren’t lucky enough to live here are made of.  It also is looking more and more likely that we’re entering an El Nino season, which means we might not have to worry so much about drought in the near future.  Hooray! So now that we’ve finished talking about the weather, let’s talk about what makes the summer so special in southern California – specifically, San Diego. If you think it’s because of the beer, give yourself a gold star.  It’s definitely the beer! Summer is when all the best local IPAs start to really shine, and they really are the best local IPAs.  West Coast IPAs were born and perfected right here in San Diego….

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June 24, 2015

Summertime is Comic-Con Time for San Diego Beer & Wine Tours!

San Diego is famous for many things – the sun, the surf, the craft beer (of course), and in the past few years, Comic-Con has made headlines all over the word.  The convention started out in 1970 as a tiny group of comic book aficionados, and since then it’s not only become a model for conventions worldwide, but also blossomed into a huge annual event that brings hundreds of thousands of people to San Diego. Comic-Con is great, not only because it’s a lot of fun even if you don’t attend the main event there’s still a ton of fun stuff going on all over downtown.  And luckily, you’re not the only person who’s noticed that Comic-Con and beer are a perfect combination. It looks like beer events with a proudly nerdy flavor are here to stay. So how’s your…

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June 19, 2015