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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves San Diego Beer Week (Of Course)

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Holy cow, it's nearly the end of September again. How did this happen? (We know, we know, the same way as always.) While San Diego's summer is filled with interesting and fun things to do, truth be told, our biggest open secret is…

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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves San Diego Restaurant Week!

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This week is San Diego Restaurant Week!  It's a magical time of year when all participating restaurants offer deep discounts on a special (and extremely delicious) price-fixe menu. Read More »

San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves Oktoberfest!

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We've said this before, again and again, but San Diego's best and most underrated season really is autumn. It's when the leaves on the trees change color, the low sun makes the water in the harbor look extra sparkly, and all the harvest…

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Brides to Be – Celebrate your bridal party with a beer or wine tour!

That special day is coming up. Your big day. Why not celebrate with us on a beer or wine tour? We will make you proud. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy the festivities we've planned for them. We'll have party favors especially geared towards your celebration. And games and prizes that will highlight the bride and/or…

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Explore the World of San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirits!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party or just want to have a great time, San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours has the perfect tasty adventure for you.