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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves San Diego Restaurant Week!

This week is San Diego Restaurant Week!  It's a magical time of year when all participating restaurants offer deep discounts on a special (and extremely delicious) price-fixe menu.

We at San Diego Beer and Wine Tours absolutely adore San Diego Restaurant Week, because we think that San Diego's food scene is upcoming, underrated, and filled to the brim with deliciousness.

We also love Restaurant Week because we think great wine and beer, which San Diego has in abundance, is well and good, but it lacks a dimension if you don't pair it with tasty food. That's why we feature food and wine and food and beer tours, and why we're such happy champions of Restaurant Week. We think that developing your own palate, whether it's for food, wine, or craft beer, is an essential part of a happy life.

Eat, enjoy, and pair away!

Brooke B., Epicure