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San Diego Beer & Wine Tours Wishes You a Happy Earth Day!

sdbw earth day

Earth Day used to be the province of hippies and environmental activists, born out of the movements of the 1970s.  Over time, people began to realize that the world needed to focus on the environment after all. In other words, the once-marginalized treehuggers actually were onto something!

We’re proud to have carried on that tradition.  We think that the world is a beautiful place that needs to be preserved. After all, without cleaning up pollution and championing environmental preservation, we’d have no place to grow grapes and hops, perhaps two of the world’s most important crops, because without them there would be no wine and no beer, and really, who wants to live in a world without either?

So how do we do our part? Well, first of all, we strongly believe in recycling, and we’re (of course!) big fans of eating and drinking locally-sourced food, beer, and wine. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place and with such a great array of microclimates and local farms, so that we have an enormous variety of fresh and organic (and tasty!) foods to eat and wines and beers to drink.

We also do our part with our choice in transportation. We love our Coaster tours, and you will too! Not only are we getting around San Diego in a green way, we’re also using our train tours to showcase the considerable beauty of San Diego’s coastline and inland areas. We’re proud of the environment we’ve preserved, and we want to share it — and when you’re tasting the literal fruits of our labors to keep the world a cleaner place, you’ll understand why we’re so proud.

Come out on one of our green tours and celebrate Earth Day with us. We celebrate it every day! We know you’ll love it just as much as we do.


Brooke B., Tree Hugger