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Summertime is Comic-Con Time for San Diego Beer & Wine Tours!

San Diego is famous for many things – the sun, the surf, the craft beer (of course), and in the past few years, Comic-Con has made headlines all over the word.  The convention started out in 1970 as a tiny group of comic book aficionados, and since then it’s not only become a model for conventions worldwide, but also blossomed into a huge annual event that brings hundreds of thousands of people to San Diego. Comic-Con is great, not only because it’s a lot of fun even if you don’t attend the main event there’s still a ton of fun stuff going on all over downtown.  And luckily, you’re not the only person who’s noticed that Comic-Con and beer are a perfect combination. It looks like beer events with a proudly nerdy flavor are here to stay. So how’s your…

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June 19, 2015

San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves Comic-Con! (but who doesn’t?)

Well, maybe not Wolverine. As difficult as it might be to believe, it wasn’t so many years ago that Comic-Con was just a tiny gathering of like-minded people. Now, much like San Diego’s craft beer scene, it has transformed itself from a handful of geeks who do their best work alone in a basement into an economic and cultural leviathan. We in San Diego are proud to lead the way in both beer and comics, two of the things that make life worth living! Luckily for all of us, you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can have both – and sometimes two separate things combine to make a new and wonderful experience. For example, Gigantic Brewing Company out of Portland, Oregon proudly displays labels designed by comic book artists, as does Elysian Brewing’s 12 Beers of…

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July 13, 2013

ComiCon, wine, and beer: the stuff of legends

What do freaks, geeks, zombies, vampires, and scantily clad superheroes all have in common? They're all very thirsty people. We know this well. If you're one of them, you know it, too. On July 12th through the 15th, 2012, these strange and startling characters will be descending on San Diego for ComiCon. ComiCon is an annual convention that was originally for comic book collectors and fans. (Hence the name.) Since the 1990s, however, it has swelled into a four-day extravaganza that fills San Diego with superfans dressed as their favorite characters, zombie flash mobs, Hollywood producers looking for ideas and actors looking for parties, and a few dazed-looking tourists. You may want to don your bat wings and get away from the spectacle for a while and enjoy different fruits of San Diego – like the best of our food and…

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June 18, 2012