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Spend Your Dog Days with the Coolest Summer Sips… and San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

The dog days of summer are upon us. Hammock Day, July 22, 2015, is a way to celebrate the warmest days of the year by embracing the sunshine, grabbing a drink, and – you guessed it – basking in a hammock. San Diego Beer and Wine Tours invites you to enjoy the rest of your…

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San Diego Beer And Wine Tours Is Turning 4!

San Diego Winery Tour Walking Tours Wine Train

The San Diego Beer and Wine Tours team is so grateful to all of the tour guests who have made these past four years possible. San Diego Beer & Wine Tours was born out of Founder, Shira’s, passion for great wine and gourmet food. What started as a walking tour company has blossomed into a…

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It’s Earth Day! Help Save the Planet with San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

Beer Breweries Food and Vine Health Holiday Local Business San Diego Wine Country San Diego Winery Tour Tours Travel Walking Tours Wine Wine Train Winemaking Winemaking Wineries

We're not gonna lie – Earth Day is one of our favorite days of the year around here. Since our inception, we've been all about saving the planet.  Just check out some of the information on our carbon-footprint-reducing train tours and our emphasis on buying local! By the way, if you're a beer and wine…

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How to Finish Your Year With a Bang…

Holiday Theme Tours Tours

Was it a banner year for you? We hope so. It sure was for us, as we continue to have the pleasure of serving you up our fantastic beer, wine and food tours. Happy Holidays from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours! This is it – the final countdown to the end of 2013. This…

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