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San Diego Beer & Wine Tours Loves Fresco Trattoria!

We don't just take our wines and beers seriously around here. We also take our food seriously. After all, a delicious meal is at least half the equation when it comes to some serious pairings! We don't make restaurant recommendations lightly for that very reason – we eat so much food that it takes quite a lot to impress us.

That's why it's incumbent on us to let you know about one of our very favorite restaurants in San Diego, Fresco Trattoria & Bar. This little gem (actually, there are two: one in Carlsbad and one in Bonsall) is everything you would want in Italian food.

Its owner, Leone D'Arcangelo, was born and bred in Sperlonga, Italy, and knows his cuisine like the back of his hand. He also insists on nothing but the freshest of ingredients to make his meals, from the Mozzarella Caprese starter all the way to the Ravioli al Formaggio di Capra, ravioli stuffed with parmesan and goat cheese and topped with tomato cream sauce and spinach. 

The wines are, thankfully, not fresh; instead, they are aged to perfection and selected to coax out and accompany the best aromas and delicate tastes of every dish. From chiantis to cabernets, Leone has you covered!

We hope you enjoy Fresco Trattoria as much as we do. It's one of San Diego's best. We would know – finding the best for you is our bread and butter!

Brooke B., Chiantieuse