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San Diego Beer Week by the Numbers

Now that November is approaching, it’s about time we start talking about San Diego Beer Week. While many San Diego natives are familiar with this magnificent ode to hops, barley, and fermentation, many are not… so let’s explore the numbers.

San Diego Beer WeekSan Diego is the craft beer capital of America; in fact, San Diego breweries have won 18 awards from the Great American Beer Festival. Craft beer is not just one of San Diego’s quirky hobbies, it is a pillar of the local economy. For every brewery job, there are 5.2 jobs created in America’s finest city. According to a study done by National University, San Diego’s craft beer industry generated 851 million dollars in sales in 2015. That’s a lot of beer!

San Diego Beer Week has over 600 events you can attend. You can find these events in tap rooms, hotel lobbies, breweries, and restaurants. Make sure to check out Beer Week’s website to find any events you may be interested in. During Beer Week, we will be hosting multiple tours to local breweries, tasting some of the very best beers that San Diego has to offer, and providing unprecedented behind-the-scenes glimpses into how beer is made. See below this post for our favorite Beer Tours.

The single most important fact you need to know about Beer Week is that you need to experience it. San Diego is changing what beer means to people. We can be proud to cheers some of the world’s finest brews since this isn’t just a celebration of beer in San Diego; it’s a celebration of what San Diegans have created.