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#InternInsights about Oktoberfest and the San Diego Brewery Tour

Editors note: In any given month at San Diego Beer, Wine & Sprits Tours, we have several interns working with us. Most of our interns are college-aged Business and Marketing majors who are learning the ins-and-outs of working in a company like SDBWST.

In addition to the grunt work that all interns must do (because otherwise, it wouldn’t be an internship, right?), we like to give our interns a taste of what it means to be a real member of the SDBWST team, which includes participating in some of the more creative aspects of the business, like blogging.

This blog is written by Teddy. Teddy is a student at Winona University in Winona, MN, and he shares with us his memories of Oktoberfest in this installment of #InternInsights.

Intern Teddy enjoying friends and beers.

Teddy enjoying Munich

Hi, my name is Teddy. I am new to San Diego. I am new to San Diego Beer, Wine & Spirit Tours. I am not new to Oktoberfest. I spent my childhood growing up in Wisconsin, a state with a massive German influence. Coming from a state that commonly serves a dish called beer cheese soup, you can understand that my appreciation for beer started at an early age.

Along with this upbringing and a German heritage, my family had a foreign exchange student from Germany. He became family and over the years I have found myself travelling to Munich to see him once again. I was lucky enough to align my last visit with Oktoberfest.

I had read about Oktoberfest and I had seen videos about the event, but experiencing it all was almost too much to drink in. There was so much happening all at once; the massive beer tents lining the grounds, the elaborately decorated horse drawn cask carts, the smell of pretzels and bratwurst coming from every direction, and the traditional clothing.

I spent the entire day with a stein in one hand and a bratwurst in the other making my way from tent to tent. Each tent had a different feel to it. My friend was nice enough to take me to tents a local would go to. By sundown the band in this tent was playing a mix of polka, German pop, and common popular songs such as Sweet Caroline. The entire tent was screaming every word and toasting their massive steins constantly.

This was one of the most interesting experiences I have ever had. It grew my appreciation for beer and community.

Although you would never guess it by looking, San Diego and Munich have much more in common than I expected. Since I have been here, I have made friends over a pint. I have seen communities that have been formed because of their love of good quality beer. I have witnessed first dates shared in taprooms. I have seen families bond in breweries. Even though I am new to San Diego, these things make me feel at home.

San Diego is well-known for its incredible Craft Beer, and October is a special time in America’s Finest City. Join us on a Tasty Adventure to a few of the very best breweries that San Diego has to offer.

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