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National Red Wine Day “Another Day to Wine About”

If sweet wines aren’t your favorite and you felt a little left out on International White Wine Day, have no fear because it’s National Red Wine Day!

Red wine lovers unite as we give you some delicious meals to prepare while enjoying a glass (or two) of wine.



Pair this full-bodied red wine with simply prepared red meat to bring out its rich, savory flavors.



This wine pairs great with bold flavors like blue cheese. It’s also known to be fantastic Portobello stuffed mushrooms and cumin spice.



Because this wine is light enough to enjoy with pieces of fish, we recommend pairing this red with grilled salmon with asparagus.



Zinfandel is best paired with pasta, pizza and barbecued dishes so we’d suggest a barbecue chicken pizza to be paired with this versatile wine.



This wine is typically less aggressive than a typical Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s smoother and more lush.. Ideally Merlot is paired with heartier foods like turkey, root vegetables or pork. Avoid pairing with spicy foods, leafy greens and fish.



Pair this bold wine with soft, stinky cheeses to absorb the high tannins in a Syrah. The Syrah, the bolder the food should be in order to bring out the wine’s subtle nuances.