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Keep Calm and Drink Beer

Salud! Prost! Salute! Santé! Proost! Wherever you are in this beer-loving world, cheers to you! San Diego is not only the finest city, it’s also the Craft Beer Capital of the United States.

Let it be known that here at SDBWST, we love our beer. Our Beer Train Trolley Tour gives you the chance to taste about 16 local craft beers, great for connoisseurs and novices alike.


  • The strongest beer in the world has 67.5 percent alcohol by volume content, trademarked with the name Snake Venom.
  • The fear of an empty beer glass is known as Cenosillicaphoia.
  • The silicon content in beer helps strengthen bones. (Who ever said beer wasn’t good for you?)
  • Europe has the most beer connoisseurs as the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany drink the most beer of any nation in the world.
  • The Texas State Fair sells fried beer. Yee haw!


We are the beer capital of the US for a reason. The city holds an International Beer Festival each summer as well as San Diego Beer Week in November – a whole WEEK dedicated to beer!  


Cheers to everyone having a cold one today!