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Today’s the Day for New Beginnings!

lajolla wine new beginnings

In case you haven’t heard, August is our birthday month.  Since we began six years ago, we’ve served more than 20,000 guests (that’s a lot!) and poured about 14,000 bottles of wine.

That means we’re ready to start something new, and we’re starting it today.

Don’t worry! We’re still keeping the tours you’ve come to know and love, but now we’re adding another one: a new Chauffeured Distillery Tour.  It includes at least three distillery stops during the five hours we’ll be out exploring with our expert guides, food, beer, and (above all) fun.

We’ll come pick you up and drop you off again so you don’t have to drive, and we’ll also feed you and take you to some of the coolest places you’ve probably never heard of all over San Diego so you can experience our unique and amazing distilleries.  We’re not just about vineyards and breweries any more — we had to expand because we were having too much fun.

We’d also like to let you know about the upcoming San Diego Spirits Festival on August 27th through the 28th at the Port Pavilion Broadway Pier.  Tickets are $85, but you can knock $20 off with the promo code COCKTAILS. We’ve got you covered!

We’re so excited about these new tours and new possibilities, and we look forward to toasting our expansion with you.  Call us and either join us for our inaugural tour, or book a cocktail and distillery party today!  We offer great food, great drink, but most of all a wonderful time with some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

Bottoms up!

Brooke B., Cocktailess