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The Birth of California Craft Beer

Did you know California is the birthplace of craft brewing in America? With more than 900 breweries in the state, it’s home to the most breweries in the nation. But what made California ideal for brewing the brew? What caused the spike in love for local beer?

Fritz Maytag is the well-known name behind the craft beer movement in California. He bought Anchor Brewery in San Francisco when it was in shambles and recreated the brewery, introducing flavored and new styles of beer. Anchor became the first craft brewery since prohibition. Thus, in the early 1970s, the craft beer movement began.

You may have noticed the new fad of checking out local beers at microbreweries. How does plain ole beer differ from craft beer, you ask? Simple. Craft beer is brewed at small, independent, locally owned breweries. Some of our most notable include Ballast Point, Benchmark, and AleSmith. And with over 150 options to choose from in San Diego alone, it’s fun and easy to drink locally.

Some different varieties of craft beer include IPAs, double IPAs, stouts, porters, and even ciders. IPAs seem to be a crowd pleaser these days and microbreweries aren’t running short on those any time soon. The best part of local breweries has to be their original twists and flavors added to each beverage. Ballast Point Brewery has tons of original flavored brews to choose from. From watermelon IPA to aloha hazy IPA, you won’t forget that you’re on the west coast.

So if you’re ever craving a new, seasonal beverage or you’ve ever wanted to support your local businesses, we hope we’ve convinced you to explore the many breweries California has to offer!