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March into Spring with San Diego Brewery Tours

San Diego Brewery Tours – Enjoy the Warmth of Spring With Us!

It’s a great month in San Diego, because not only will we be getting a real spring this year, thanks to some serious rain we’ve been lacking for the past several years, but this is also the month that all the great brewery events begin!

This Spring, we’re also celebrating our partnerships with local San Diego breweries – after all, we couldn’t bring you the very best San Diego Brewery Tours without our brewery partners! We hope you join us on our Chauffeured Brewery Tour or Beer Train Trolley Tour to visit some of the local San Diego breweries that we partner with (like Rough Draft Brewing Company, featured in the video above!)

Here’s just a couple of ideas to spearhead of all the fun stuff going on in the first half of March alone.

March 11th: Best Coast Beer Fest. This one-day event, at Embarcadero Park South, is a fundraiser for a nonprofit group called Cancer for College. 100 percent of the proceeds goes to help put a cancer survivor through university. Also, it’s personally endorsed by Will Ferrell, who apparently sometimes shows up and just hangs out doing Ron Burgundy impersonations.

March 17th: ShamROCK, also known as Saint Patrick’s Day in the Gaslamp. Oh, yeah! This holiday is a beer lover’s dream. Remember, though – you’re in no way obligated to drink green beer, just good beer.

Of course, all of these events are separate from our own San Diego Brewery Tours, which we run every day, rain or shine! We’d love to have you.

Happy Spring!