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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves Superbowl Sunday!

This man just found out he's not drinking craft beer for Superbowl Sunday.

Superbowl Sunday is approaching with the speed of an overcaffeinated runningback and we are ready! How about you?

Not ready, you say? Well, with this quick and easy primer, you will be as well.  We're assuming for the purpose of this discussion that you are serving the normal Superbowl Sunday munchies: chips, dips, guacamole, et cetera.  And you don't want to bust out the big beer, and who can blame you?  Try these more nuanced brews on for size.

First of all, the best thing to drink with salty, cheesy snacks is a good thirst-quenching beer with a bold and hoppy flavor, like an IPA. San Diego is famous for its IPAs!  Apparently, it's our water.  Or else it's just San Diego's inherent awesomeness.

Whatever the reason, try Ballast Point's Sculpin IPA, Green Flash's West Coast IPA, or, if you don't mind drinking a beer that insults you, Coronado Brewing Company's Idiot IPA

Stouts also go down really nicely with salty Superbowl snacks. Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout is a mouth-wateringly complex beer that will go down nicely with just about anything you like.  Stone Imperial Russian Stout is thick and rich and "black as sin," to quote their website. And last but never least, Mission Brewery's wonderful Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout is a great way to complement your team winning! Or wash away the pain of losing.  

Here's to Superbowl Sunday! May the best team win.

But remember, when we insist on drinking good beer, everybody wins.

Drink responsibly!

Brooke B., Beer Baller