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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Loves Drinking… Responsibly!

Normally, we try to keep things lighthearted around here, but today we want to talk about something that's near and dear to our hearts: drinking and driving. Or rather, NOT drinking and driving. We don't advocate it; in fact, we abhor it. 

There's no getting around it — driving under the influence can be costly. It can cost lives, dignity, self-respect, and if you're only deterred by cold, hard cash, if you're caught, it will break you financially. 

Here's how the costs add up for the average first-time offender over legal drinking age, courtesy of the Auto Club. The minimum DUI fine is $390. County penalties are $1,245. Average cost for your vehicle, towing and storage is $350; a mandatory alcohol education class is $575; your booking and fingerprinting fee is $170; and your license re-issue is $125. You're already at $2,855, and that's even before the auto insurance increase (around $10,154) and attorney and legal fees ($2500!) 

We don't want you to risk your life, somebody else's life, or your pocketbook. That's why we exist. We want you to be able to go wine- and beer-tasting without you or anybody else having to worry about any of this! We'll pick you up and drop you off if you like, or take you train-hopping so you can enjoy yourself while looking out over beautiful coastal scenery! 

Trust us – not only will you have fun and save yourself an enormous hassle at the very least, but by taking our shuttle or the train, you'll also be helping the environment. 

We're cool with that. Call us at (858) 551-5115 today to book a Chauffeured Tour or a Winery or Beer Train Tour. We're just a phone call away! 

Here's to enjoying your tipple and saving the world in the process. 


Brooke B., Responsible Taster