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San Diego Beer and Wine Tours Knows How to Beat the Heat!

At San Diego Beer and Wine Tours we delight in the the "Dog Days" of summer because we know how to beat the heat.  In southern California it has been really, really, really hot– How do you stay cool in heat like this? If you're looking for ideas, as usual, we have plenty.

Hamilton's Tavern.  Dark, comfortable, and cool in every sense of the world, Hamilton's has an enormous beer selection, good food, “Firkin Fridays,” where they open up a cask – and most importantly of all, Hamilton's has a hard-working AC. While you're there, explore the lovely community of South Park, which has plenty of low-key watering holes where you can sample fabulous local craft beers. 

If you want a fresh sea breeze to cool your sweaty brow, we love the La Valencia Hotel's balcony bar overlooking La Jolla Cove. The cocktails at the “Pink Lady,” as the hotel is called for its pink edifice, are especially tasty – try the cooling cucumber martini on a hot and muggy day. And, of course, there are many other amazing places within one square mile, just waiting to be discovered after you're cooled down!

San Diego Beer and Wine Tours knows

how to "Beat the Heat"…

Another great idea is go to a movie. But not just any movie – head to the Cinepolis Luxury Cinema. The three locations boast air conditioning (of course – that's why we're recommending it) and they offer beer, wine, cocktails, and champagne, as well as gourmet food… and reclining seats!  The best recommendation San Diego Beear and Wine Tours has to beat the heat!!!

Above always, stay cool and drink responsibly. Here's to hot summer days! 

Brooke B., Heat Wave Surfer

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