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“Just the Facts, Ma’am” about San Diego Beer Week


SD Beer Week at a Glance…

  • San Diego Beer Week is celebrating its 11th Year!
  • This incredible 10 day event begins on November 1st
  • Enjoy samples from 130 independent craft breweries


It is time once again to celebrate the “Capital of Craft” and one of the things that makes San Diego a great place to live and play. The beer!

The 11th annual San Diego Beer Week starts on November 1st and the fun doesn’t stop until November 10th. This year, there are more events than ever to learn, sip, eat and play.

Here are a Six Tips to Sip On before you attend the festival:

  1. Make sure that you get enough sleep and are energized to experience all great events.
  2. Fill your belly with beer absorbing carbs (but not too many), and keep eating while sampling all the great craft beer.
  3. DO NOT drink and drive to or from the festival.
  4. Dress appropriately! This is an outdoor event you need good walking shoes, sunscreen and maybe even a hat!
  5. Drink plenty of water. You will regret it in the morning if you skip this step!!
  6. HAVE FUN and BE SAFE!!

On the last day of San Diego Beer Week, make sure to stop by the Beer Garden, which is a truly unique and delicious food and beer pairing event. General admission includes unlimited tasters of beer and food.

For more information visit:

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P.S. Not feeling in a festive mood? Celebrate Beer Week with us inside the comfort of our fabulous air conditioned van on the Chauffeured Brewery Tour. You’ll taste about 13 different beers, enjoy a light lunch, learn about the beer making process, and so much more. Learn more >