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Just graduated? What next…?

Congratulations, Grads!

You've pulled your last all-nighter and aced your last final. You're getting ready to don your cap and gown and go for a night out on the town to celebrate your achievement.

But is something missing? Something indefinable? Could it be… you miss learning?

Exactly. You're a graduate now, and educated people don't go around mindlessly drinking. Oh, no. They learn about what they're imbibing, and study their drinks thoughtfully.

Lucky for you, Graduate, La Jolla Wine Tours and San Diego Beer and Wine Tours are here to help. We'll help you be a lifelong learner by teaching you best way to pair wines, beers, and food, and give you some history lessons besides.

Come have some fun with us! You've earned it – and we promise there won't be a test later. 

In vino doctrina!

Brooke B., Professor