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It’s San Diego Urban Wine Week!

Here in San Diego, we love to celebrate just about anything: ComicCon celebrates movies, comics and science fiction; BRO-AM Beach Fest celebrates community through surf contests and a killer free concert at the beach; and this week we’re celebrating the numerous Urban Wineries in San Diego during San Diego Urban Wine Week.

If you haven’t heard the term before – an Urban Winery is a winery where they make wine, but not where they grow the grapes. Many Urban Wineries have wonderful tasting rooms where you can enjoy tastings, and our San Diego Urban Wineries can be found in cute little beach towns, tucked away in the countryside and within the heart of the thriving city.

If you are interested in exploring some of San Diego’s fantastic Urban Wineries (and we highly recommend that you do – it’s an experience you’ll never forget), join us on the Winery Train Tour or Wine and Food Walking Tour, where the Urban Wineries are the star.

We hope you come celebrate with us… what are you waiting for?