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Have a Spook-tacular Halloween With Us!

Halloween is coming, and we’re so happy it’s almost here!

We wax eloquently about autumn in San Diego every year, but Halloween is really something special.  The leaves are turning colors on the trees (yes! That happens here!) and it’s usually just a bit cooler than September’s scorching heat.  But you know what makes Halloween great in this part of the world? It’s not just the costumes and the parties: it’s the spirits.

See what we did there?  So strap in and get ready to get into the “spirit” of Halloween with us, because we’re going to take you for a ride! We’re planning one of our awesome Chauffeured Distillery Tours so that you can enjoy the haunted parts of San Diego… and its spirits, too!

So, now that we’ve gotten you excited (we were going to say “in high spirits,” but we figured that would be too obvious) how do you get to go on one of our amazing Chauffeured Distillery Tours? It’s easy! Give us a call and we’ll take you out, drive you from place to place, and deliver you safely home after filling your belly with delicious eats and drinks.

There’s nothing scary about that.  It’s a boo-tiful thing!