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Happy Mother’s Day from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

From left to right: son Ben, daughter RaeAnne, daughter Jade, grandson Coleton, Shira’s mother Malka, daughter Shayna, daughter Leeyah

Mother’s Day is a very special time around here. Our very own Shira Bliss is an extraordinary mum, raising five beautiful children of her own, so she understands what mothers go through very well. That’s why we go out of our way to make our Mother’s Day tours very special ones for hardworking moms and their grateful kids.

Jean “Shep” Shepherd, the humorist best known for penning and narrating “A Christmas Story,” once famously proclaimed that “beer is the mother of us all.” We agree that beer is a wonderful invention, and one that’s even been credited with helping create civilization.

So, what better way to treat your mother on Mother’s Day than to introduce her to the delights of the mother of civilization as we know it? This year, we’re offering $5 off each ticket for our special Mother’s Day tours, offered from now through the end of May so that you can celebrate motherhood everywhere! (Mention “MothersDay2013” to get your special discount.)

Happy Mother’s Day, all you hardworking moms! We salute you. To Motherhood!

Mum’s the word,

Brooke B.