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Happy California Wine Month!

We at San Diego Beer and Wine Tours have been giving a lot of love to beer lately. Not that there's anything wrong with that – after all, our fair city is the craft beer capital of the country, and possibly the world, with microbreweries and nanobreweries springing up everywhere like toadstools after a rain.

But we want to remember where we came from and give wine the love it deserves, as well. After all, we started out as La Jolla Wine Tours! 

Luckily, San Diego isn't just a place you can find all the craft beer you can handle. Thanks to its Mediterranean microclimates and mild winters, it's also a wonderful place to find wines. 

“But, SDB&WT,” we hear you say, “where do I begin my journey to becoming a wine aficionado?”

Luckily, California has your answer, courtesy of Governor Jerry Brown, who has proclaimed September California Wine Month. Wineries across the state are offering classes, specially-priced tours, and discount tastings just for you, and we'll be happy to act as wine ambassadors. And it goes without saying that our chauffered tours and train tours offer exactly the knowledge base you need to confidently traverse the wine countries of San Diego… and beyond.

Here's to wine!

Brooke B., Wine Ambassador