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Big News from San Diego Beer and Wine Tours!

sdbw still

You may have noticed if you’ve seen us on Facebook lately that we have a new name: San Diego Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tours!

There’s a reason for that, in case you’re wondering.  We’ve decided to expand our horizons!  Now instead of just offering our award-winning beer, wine, and food tours, we’ve opened another drinks tour: the brand-spanking-new Chauffeured Distillery Tour.

San Diego has dominated the world of craft beer for a very long time, but just focusing on that ignores the amazing craft distilleries in the region.  Bet you didn’t even know that there’s a ton of really, really good distilleries here.  Even we didn’t expect so many — and of such high quality!

But since we are who we are, we want to share our knowledge of San Diego’s world of spirits. That’s why we’ve started up our new distillery tour, which includes a chauffeured adventure to three local craft distilleries with food, flights, and even beers! We’ll pick you up and drop you off, and there’s no better way to learn about the amazing (but not yet well known) spirits scene around here. Bring someone you love to taste the amazing flavors of San Diego’s exploding food and drink scene!

The tours run about five hours, and you get a chance to get up close and personal with the distillers to learn more about the small-batch brew scene in San Diego. Give us a call at (858) 551-5115 — we’re looking forward to seeing you here!

Bottoms up!

Brooke B., Small Batcher