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A Homebrewing Experience

I recently tried my hand at preparing a wheat beer… in my kitchen! After a quick trip to the Ballast Point Home Brew Shop and a not-so-quick trip to the Ballast Point Tasting Room, we were ready to begin our wheat beer adventure.



First, the malt extract was added to boiling water.

boiling the malt

After a half hour, the hops were added. Another half hour past and then the mixture was removed from the heat and allowed to cool. Our yeast was added to a small aliquot of the malt/hops mixture and allowed to activate.

yeast fementing in aliquot

Once the yeast was good and active and the malt/hops was at the appropriate temperature, they were mixed together in a 1-gallon carboy.

temperature testing

ready to ferment

Once the airlock was securely fastened, we stored the carboy in a cool dry place (under the kitchen sink!) Now we wait for 3 weeks while this malt, hops and yeast mixture transforms into a delicious wheat beer brew.