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A Beautiful Beer Tour

At 3pm on a Friday in La Jolla Village, what better way to spend your time than with your family and friends enjoying local craft beer and delicious food.

Cheers to La Jolla and the fantastic food and beer it has to offer!
Two sisters, Pam and Cindy along with their husbands, Steve and Larry are spending the weekend in La Jolla enjoying the sights and tastes the village has to offer.
Our guests enjoy amazing food and beer at Karl Strauss La Jolla.
They started off their weekend with me and together we enjoyed amazing beer and food at three local restaurants and brewpubs.
At the La Jolla Brewhouse, the Brewmaster Bryan showed our guests around the brewery and taught us everything we need to know about beer making. After our entertaining and educational tour, we moved onto the beer TASTING part of Bryan’s tour. We sampled all of his new beer on draft. Delicious!
Brewmaster Bryan gives our guests a behind-the-scenes tour of the brewery.
Important ingredients Bryan uses in his brewery.
Our tour ended too quickly, but I left our guests happy and full of great beer and food ready to enjoy the rest of their fun-filled weekend!
Heather Stone
La Jolla Wine Tours Guide